Are you looking to get your hands on our balls? We have two iconic ball pits for you to get balls deep into with a capacity of 20 people in each ball pit for two-hour slots. Who are you getting balls deep with?

ping pong

It’s time to get competitive with your friends and see who has the best serve on them with three ping-pong tables for you to have fun with during your time at FunHouse. Click here to find out more.

beer pong

There isn’t a game of beer pong that isn’t fun, testing your throwing skills and your friendship in a game that will have you excited until the end. Who is going to win? Click here for more information.

The new place to be in Croydon! Amazing atmosphere, lovely people, a banging smoking area and ball pits! What more do you need?


We do want you to have fun in our house of fun, however, we do have a dress code that you have to adhere to as part of your condition of entry. These are listed below:

No Tracksuits
No Sportswear
No Caps Or Hats (You Will Be Asked To Remove Them)
No Sliders Or Flip-Flops
No Air-Bubbles

Heels Must Be Taken Off Prior To Entering The Ball Pit

Unfortunately, we do not have parking at the venue. However, there are several car parks near the venue, within a 5 minute walk of FunHouse.

Yes, we have a cloakroom for you to put your belongings whilst you are having fun. It is FREE!

We are open from 6pm until 4am Sunday to Thursday & 4pm until 4am on Friday and Saturday.

You can pre-book your ball pit tickets online, via our tickets page. Other activities such as the ping-pong tables and the beer pong tables can not be reserved prior to the night. However, can be booked when you arrive at the venue.

Ping-Pong tables are £7.50 for the table for half an hour & £10 for an hour.
Beer Pong tables are £15 for half an hour, which includes one jug of beer, cider or cocktail (e.g. sex on the beach).

Don’t worry, we keep our balls clean and completely clean our ball pits once a week (alternate weeks) to make sure that your experience getting balls deep is as healthy and fun as possible.

We have a machine that sucks the balls into the machine and cleans them using brushes, water and sanitiser with all of the balls going through the same process before they go back into the ball pit.

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