Entry terms

Entry Policy & Terms

We operate a no ID no entry policy, you must have a UK passport or drivers licence (photographs/photocopies are not excepted)

Dress Code
Weekends we operate a strict dress code policy.
No tracksuits
No Sport shorts
No Sports wear
No Sunglasses
No Caps
No Cross over pouches
No Single Entry (this is for personal safety reasons)

We operate a no drugs and weapons policy, anyone one found with drugs or weapons on them will be reported to the police and drugs will be confiscated, you will also be banned from our premises.

Being a licensed venue you cannot bring alcohol into the premises, any alcohol found will be confiscated.

All pre booked tables are valid until 10:30pm with a 15 minute grace, after this time you are at risk of loosing both your table and deposit.

Anyone that has be banned from the premises that wishes to appeal our decision, Needs to do so in writing directly to the venue.

Security and management have the right to refuse entry to anyone at any given time, first impressions go a long way, please respect our front door team at all times.