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Here is a list of what we have to come. All our events offer a unique experience, all of which you can book. 

We will add one time offers, convincing drinks deals and one off activities that are available for a night! 
You could be raving in UV one week or riding a rodeo bull the next, At Funhouse we like to keep people on their toes. 

 Monday - Service Industry Night 

Every Monday night at Funhouse we do our best to look after all you guys in the industry by offering all of our everyday drinks deals and also we willl give 33% off drinks as well providing it doesn't fall in any other offer!


Every Thursday Funhouse have out playground nights giving you the best value for money deals you will find. We include silly props for you to play with too. 

£3.50 PINTS - £5.00 DOUBLES - 4 JAGERS 4 £10.00

241 Games all night including Ball Pit & Beer Pong.


We have music playing all the way through with free entry all night.

 Funky Fridays 

Every week we like to take your Friday to a place you won't call normal, with one off games and awesome events. There is also a DJ playing until early hours of the morning and all our games in swing. WRISTBANDS! The first 100 people in before 11pm gets £5 drinks all night and free ball pit. 

 Balls Out Saturdays 

Your Saturday night just got a whole lot better, this is the night where we want to keep you on your feet with all our activities in action, full ball pits and prizes! Funhouse is a whole lot of fun.... There's prizes to be won! Everyday Deals Apply. 


Here at Funhouse we like to keep things fresh and exciting. We would love to hear what you think and what you would like to see at Funhouse. Please email the following link with all of your ideas. If one of your ideas becomes reality we will reward you with a free package to attend the event.